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Everyone has a part to play in animal welfare. We strive to ensure any stock moved on our vehicles is done so in a manner that does not cause undue stress, harm or injury.

As cattle increase in size , back rub is becoming a very real issue for transporters such as Stephenson Transport. If we work together, incidents of backrub can be minimised. An article featured in The Country (November 2021) suggested:

“Back-rub could be prevented by better communication between farmers, stock agents, meat firms and transporters.

Farmers with stock taller than 1.4m at the hip should tell their stock agent and transporter well in advance, so they could plan the best journey and select the right truck, he said.

Tall stock should be drafted into a separate mob before the truck arrived, so they could be loaded separately, he said.

If there were too many tall animals, then a single-decked truck might need to be dispatched to pick them up.

“You can prevent injuries and assist your transporter by picking up the phone. If they’re too tall, make a call.”


“Farmers that need to transport tall stock should speak to their transporter or stock agent so they can plan the journey appropriately and send a suitably configured truck.”

Read the full article here Larger cattle getting injured in stock crates – NZ Herald .

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